How Christianity helped cause mass migration in Europe

At Lapido Media IN 1954 German Lutheran theologian Horst Kasner brought his wife and three young children across the Iron Curtain to take up a role in a new parish. Nothing unusual in that – 200,000 Germans headed from East to West Germany that year – except that Mr Kasner was heading in the other direction. They settled north of Berlin, where the churchman and his wife raised their children in a former seminary. It was in this… Read on

Anti-Christian violence spreads to Europe

At the Spectator, on today’s beheading of a priest in Normandy. (Not a phrase anyone expected to read once.) The irony is that many angry young Islamists are especially hostile to Christianity, yet this new wave of violence is a product of the very openness that Christianity brought to Europe. As Tom Holland explained in this magnificent essay: ‘Even today, with pews across Europe increasingly empty, the attempt to fashion an inclusive and multi-faith future for the continent… Read on