I’d like an English national day when we all go around muttering ‘sorry, sorry’ while getting barged into

I love the ancient tradition of celebrating St George’s Day with flags and parties, which dates all the way back to about 1998, when it was invented by card companies and brewers. Before Scottish and Welsh devolution, probably not one person in 100 could name this day; until Euro 96 you’d almost never see the St George’s Cross, either, except on Anglican churches. Then Happy St George’s Day cards appeared in the shops, and it became a national day, with… Read on

The endurance of the monarchy is evidence of the decline of the political classes

It’s fair to say that Her Majesty was at last night’s concert out of duty rather than pleasure; I felt that ear plugs weren’t really enough, and someone should have provided her with the fake eyes that Homer Simpson wears when he has to do jury service. As for Prince Philip, he missed it but I imagine his verdict could be summed up in one word – “ghastly”. The concert to mark the reign of Elizabeth II was fittingly aimed… Read on