Does alcohol make us more right-wing?

At Spectator Coffee House Anyway, although I wrote in my last post that social media makes people miserable, Twitter is also a fantastic resource for acquiring knowledge from experts and specialists in different areas. One of my favourite accounts is Rolf Degen, who daily tweets a number of scientific studies into human behaviour. Just before Christmas he linked to a story concerning the impact of alcohol consumption on politics, suggesting that booze makes us more Right-wing. According to the… Read on

Writers tend to the Left because they have imagination, not compassion

From Spectator blogs I apologise for writing a blogpost about a tweet, which can look a bit like over-analysis, but I was intrigued by a couple of things that writer Graham Linehan wrote last week. here and here He was responding to some complaints about bias on the BBC, and as Linehan has written some brilliant television comedy, his opinion is listened to. Our minds naturally respond in a hostile way to views we… Read on

How evolution turned us into liberals and conservatives

Do you ever find yourself reading something by a commentator you disagree with and wanting to punch them in the face? Do you listen to people on the other side of the political debate and find yourself almost hating them? As a metropolitan conservative, and so permanently behind enemy lines in the culture war, I’ve become conscious down the years of being considered almost an enemy by people who might otherwise like me; as the German soldiers say in the… Read on

Why liberals can’t understand conservatives

From Telegraph blogs, March 6, 2012   There was an interesting post in the Independent the other day about the rise of libertarianism: There’s a silent revolution happening on campuses across the world. Libertarian activism is on the rise. Political figures like Ron Paul have started to draw huge support from younger voters, but the trend seems to be much deeper and more sustained than any single political campaign. Rather than simply throwing support behind individuals… Read on