Conservatism cannot win in economics while it remains totally beaten in the cultural sphere

“Today we bury a great leader”, I told my four-year-old this morning (is it too early to indoctrinate my children? She’ll soon be at an age where, if my schooling was anything to go, she’ll learn all about the peaceful Native Americans, and I’ll have to show her a chart explaining that hunter-gatherer societies all have absurdly high homicide rates, but that’s for another time). It’s worth telling the children, because very soon they’ll all be instructed into the narrative… Read on

The worship of equality has played a part in the recent rise of anti-Semitism

From Telegraph blogs, March 2013 After Lord Ahmed, the Labour peer, was suspended by the Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitic comments made to a Pakistani TV programme, Stephen Pollard wrote in today’s paper about the way that modern anti-Semitism has been seen as mere “eccentricity”. Although many of the notable outbursts have come from white politicians agitated about Israel/Palestine, this strain of anti-Semitism is different from the old in that it stems from the Islamic world… Read on

Yes, many Catholic priests are hypocrites. But so are the new morality police – journalists

From Telegraph blogs, March 7, 2013 I’m sure many of you listening to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor on Radio 4 the other day shared my disgust at how such a large and powerful organisation – one always lecturing the rest of us on morals – could be so full of sexual wrongdoers. But that shouldn’t negate all the good work that the BBC does, nor its central moral message. It’s just that, like the Catholic Church, its members are… Read on

School catchment areas are more segregating than faith schools

From Telegraph blogs, March 4 2013 If, like me, you have children aged either between 3-4 or 10-11 this will probably be an anxious time as you wait to find out whether your child has got into your preferred school. The difference between success and failure is great. On the one hand you can find yourself with a fantastic nearby school, easy to get to, where the teachers care, the other kids are friends with your child, and… Read on

Will Britain’s middle-class jobs go the same way as its working-class ones?

Has the British middle class had its day? I read an eye-opening piece in the Evening Standard earlier this week, which made me even more downbeat than usual. In it Andrew Neather wrote: “Conventional wisdom holds that while technology destroys jobs, it creates others — along with the intangible benefits of the web. But as the pace of change accelerates, bringing artificial intelligence and the digitisation of vast stores of knowledge, both the speed and nature of job losses are… Read on

Richard III’s burial could be as poignant and beautiful as the royal wedding

From Telegraph blogs, February 4, 2013 I don’t suppose that when Richard III went into battle on August 22 1485 he imagined that in death he would become the most notorious villain in English history, nor that his grave would a century later be violated by followers of a radical heresy that had overtaken history. He certainly wouldn’t have imagined that five and a half centuries later his body, having lay under a resting spot for horseless carts,… Read on

Why does no one say sorry properly any more?

From Telegraph blogs January 18, 2013 Lance Armstong has done his apology thing, sort of – he’s admitted to cheating and now we can get on with his rehabilitation. It wasn’t the weakest confession, admittedly: at least he didn’t cry or claim to be suffering from depression. The cycling cheat said: “I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times,” and that “I made my decisions, they are my mistake and I’m… Read on

Why is gingerism so common in Britain?

From Telegraph blogs   Is gingerism the last acceptable prejudice? The print paper today has a piece about anti-ginger bullying, following a horrific attack in Birmingham. I’m a borderline ginge, with pale skin and mousy hair but a red beard, when I grow one: but the subject interests me more because my elder girl has red hair. So did my grandmother, although I never knew at the time as she dyed it a series of colours throughout her… Read on

Alex Jones, a synthesis of every single internet commenter on earth

I wasn’t sure about gun rights, but having seen Alex Jones debate Piers Morgan, I’m now totally sold. As Jones explained: We did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners, and the Russian government, the official Chinese government – Mao said political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, he killed about 80 million people because he’s the only guy who had the guns – so we did… Read on

Rich, white, hetero males vs the United Victims of the Diversity Rainbow – an example of how the world doesn’t work

There was an interesting post on the New Statesman yesterday about the narcissism of small differences and the way people on the Left fight among themselves. One of the ways is “privilege-checking”, which the white, male hetero writer explained as follows: For the uninitiated, “checking your privilege” amounts to maintaining a constant awareness of ways in which you might accrue some social, cultural or economic benefit as a result of your background: your class, race, gender, sexual-orientation and… Read on