Open societies need to rediscover heroic ideals

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Liberal, free-market systems work, yet their major weakness is an inability to give people the innate human need for stability, order, tradition and group membership – while the systems that offer these things tend to be terrible. So is it possible for enlightened democracies to provide a form of ersatz traditionalism, a free society with a reactionary veneer, and so stem the tide of anomie?

A good example of where ersatz tradition does work is constitutional monarchy, an idea on paper that seems absurd; I remember my daughter’s surprise when I explained that there was an actual ‘Princess Catherine’ in this land, not in ‘princess land’, where she had assumed such things exist along with dragons and magical godmothers. Yet monarchy works, even if not suitable for every country, being associated with higher trust, lower corruption and better government, essentially by LARPing at medieval traditionalism.

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