Slowly but surely, Britain is turning into America

Slowly but surely, Britain is turning into America

At UnHerd, on the latest depressing political developments.

I find the whole thing especially disturbing because I live not far from Cummings, in a neighbouring borough with a similar demographic profile; heavily Remain-voting, left-of-centre and filled with organic bakeries, hot yoga, independent coffee shops and all the other liberal elite status markers that conservative commentators affect to despise.

I talk about the area in my book, which is partly about being a small-c conservative in an English middle class becoming overwhelming liberal. Living in liberal areas is pleasant, as I argue, because liberals tend to be high in trust, a positive outlook that tends to blind them to the dangers of the world; indeed, paradoxically, the most international-minded people are also often very active locally.

But over the years I have come to voice my opinions less and less, and casual anti-conservatism seems to be expressed more openly and more tribally. And after the weekend’s scenes, I think I’ll be just a bit more inclined to keep my mouth shut.

PS Thanks to all the kind people who have left reviews for Small Men on the Wrong Side of History. And if you haven’t already, please do! (Unless you hate it, of course)


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  1. Clem Alford says

    My biggest worry is Islam. It is insidiously eating its way into the political fabric of UK society and politics as it is in the USA and Europe. If we warn of the dangers of Islam we are branded Islamophobic or racist but my phobia of fundamental Islam is rational and Islam is not a race. If you read the Koran and Hadith the hatred in there towards the Kafir or non-believers is terrifying. My father always used to say to be a good internationalist, you have to have something national to be inter about. With the uncontrolled illegal immigration that the Blair government allowed, it is now coming home to haunt us all. Corbyn’s Labour message was much the same on immigration and I think that and the Brexit issue is why Labour lost the general election in 2019.

  2. I think Ed forgets how many people live outside these liberal bubbles and are quite sceptical at the primal level about their ideas.

  3. William Campbell says

    As an American you have my condolences. Why couldn’t you guys have fought harder for the colonies? We could have been sparsely populated like Canada or Australia and the world wouldn’t have half the problems it has now.

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