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Welcome to Wrong Side of History, the Substack where you will now find pretty much all of my writing.

Wrong Side of History now goes out three times a week. Sign up as a free subscriber and you’ll have access to some posts, as well as a sample of each paid article, seductively designed to lure you in like those free ten minutes they used to have on cable porn channels (apparently). Paid subscribers get access to all articles, exclusive access to Q and As, interviews and first access to everything I do. They are also able to comment on the articles, to which I do usually respond and always read. I think Substack is an exciting platform because of the freedom it gives writers  – and that is only possible because of you, the subscribers.

Indeed, as my Substack grows, I will rely on your collective wisdom and, for all subscribers, feel free to email your comments of suggestions here.  If you strongly disagree with what I have to say, that’s fine, I’m a great believer in civility and the principle of charity (obviously saying that is a massive hostage to fortune for when I’m caught organising a pile-on).

If I am wrong about something, I will admit to it; one of the most annoying traits about old-style newspaper commentary is that journalists almost never admit when they’re mistaken, or at least when they’ve learned something to contradict previous opinions. Their whole branding depends on being rigidly stuck to the same views, for decades.

Every writer has an axe, or multiple axes to grind, and I’m obviously politically conservative – although I would more describe myself as a depressive realist – but I’m not anti-liberal. Liberalism works in certain circumstances, but it needs saving from itself. If there’s a campaigning theme to Wrong Side of History, it’s my belief that there is a political drift towards a form of soft totalitarianism, which includes a fixation with inserting activism into every aspect of our lives, whether it’s sport, education or visiting a cultural attraction. I want less politics in our daily lives.

While I write about current affairs, this Substack is essentially political-commentary-with-history. History is my great passion, a subject I love, not because it’s one long black comedy. As well as current affairs, a lot of my posts will feature straight up history without any obvious political propaganda thrown in, for the neutral (by the standards of the 13thcentury, I’m quite liberal). I will also run round-ups of my favourite articles and the odd listicle, as well as book reviews – I also welcome suggestions for books to read, old or new.

Thank you for subscribing, I hope you enjoy Wrong Side of History.

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Journalist, essayist and author. History obsessive interested in why things are. The title is a play on my book, Small Men on the Wrong Side of History, and also the fact that my political beliefs are on a bit of a losing streak.