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'Prison doesn't work' is a fine candidate for a Rob Henderson 'luxury belief'. Unfortunately, it's well-ingrained among the elite, and has been for some time. When he first became Home Secretary, Michael Howard was shown a graph on 'the crime rate', which was just a line projected to go up at a steady rate well into the 21st century, and was told that this trend was just the way things are, and completely impervious to any policy remedy.

As a way of reducing (ideally to nothing) the frequency of 'violent psychopath given slap on wrist for glassing mother of three in the face' news stories, what do you think of naming and shaming particularly lenient judges? I can already think of ways that could become nasty, but at this point I'm starting to regard such people as themselves a danger to members of the public.

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The facemask debate isnt as simple as that.

Studies have shown maskless operations do not cause more infections. In fact it made no difference.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4480558/

I am a blood cancer patient and so when I travelled by air I always used masks (pre Covid). My consultant used to say “well you may as well but we don’t actually know whether it protects you or not.” I did but there is no actual data to suggest it can protect the wearer or those around a masked person.

Even N95s lose most of their efficacy after a few hours. Most people wear non N95s multiple times. There is likely zero protection afford in these cases despite what “common sense” tells you

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"It’s almost like secondary school is treated as a prison, but one which everyone has to suffer because society sees adolescent males as a nuisance."

Now that you mention it ...

But seriously, I think making it much easier for adolescent males to get jobs would be extremely helpful.

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